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      • What is the Pre-IB program at Kaunas Jesuit High School (KJHS)?
        The Pre-IB program is a rigorous academic program of study that emphasizes the relationship of the student with the community and the world. It is designed for intrinsically motivated students who prefer a more demanding curriculum including a foreign language, an in-depth research, and advanced math, science, social studies and arts.

        How do you get accepted into the Pre-IB program?
        Applications are available at kjg.lt website. Complete the application and return to KJHS. The student comes to KJHS on one Saturday to complete a test on Maths, Lithuanian, English and Religion. The selection process includes the results of these tests and conversation.  

        Non Lithuanian speaking students take a special Admission Test of English and Mathematics.  
        Why is the Pre-IB a better program than what is offered at other schools?
        The Pre-IB at KJHS is a choice among many good choices – it’s not better or worse. Our program is not for every student. Students in the Pre-IB should be intrinsically motivated students who want a rigorous curriculum and who work hard to attain their goals.

        How many students attend KJHS? How many are in the Pre-IB?
        There are approx. 800 students at KJHS. The Pre-IB program will have 10-16 students per grade level.

        What requirements are there in the Pre-IB?
        The Pre-IB students must participate in a personal research project. They also are required to complete community service. The Pre-IB students, just like the other KJHS students, must follow all school rules and procedures. 

        What happens to students who do not meet the requirements?
        They will be placed on probation and an educational intervention plan will be written to help them be successful. If they still don’t meet the requirements, they will be asked to leave the Pre-IB program and return to their base school.

        What is the tuition? 
        Pre-IB Diploma Programme students must pay monthly 250 EUR tuition fees (3000 EUR per year).


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